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All the episodes, all the guests, and all that is important to know about app store optimization and mobile growth. And yes, sometimes we talk about pancakes too.

Hello fellow mobile growth-ers.

If you are here on this page, it’s because, like us, you believe in the power of the spoken word – and enjoy listening to podcasts in your free time.

Luckily, this podcast of ours – Mobile growth and Pancakes, can be counted as work, in a way. If you’re in the mobile growth business, it will surely help you become better at your job.

Firstly, a reminder of what this is all about: In each episode, we invite a mobile growth expert onto the show to speak with our very own VP Consultancy Esther Shatz, and to break down a specific mobile growth strategy: how it worked, why it worked, and what they would do differently.

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List of episodes:

#1: Growth Through AI with Lomit Patel

On the first episode of Mobile Growth & Pancakes, our host Esther Shatz is joined by Lomit Patel, the VP of growth at IMVU, the world’s largest avatar-based social media app. They discuss why the best UA strategies must balance acquisition and retention, Lomit’s use of AI and wholistic growth teams.

For the full transcript and key takeaways, click here.

#2: Gaming Growth with Nadir Garouche

In this episode, Esther Shatz is joined by Nadir Garouche, the Growth Marketing Manager at Oh BiBi, a French mobile gaming studio. They discuss ASO and the role of the community in generating higher CVR’s.

For the full transcript and key takeaways, click here.

#3: User-Centric Feedback Systems with Sarah Main

In the third episode, we are joined by Sarah Main, the Product Director at WeatherBug. Sarah talks about her role at WeatherBug, their unique feedback system, and the significance of partnerships in her industry.

For the full transcript and key takeaways, click here.

#4: User Acquisition Systems with Claire Rozain

In this episode of Mobile Growth & Pancakes, Claire Rozain, User Acquisition Manager at Product Madness, talks about her role at Product Madness and her experience in the dating, mobile, and social casino niches.

For the full transcript and key takeaways, click here.

#5: Incrementality Projects with George Natsvlishvili

Episode five of Mobile Growth & Pancakes welcomed George Natsvlishvili, the Head of Organic Growth at Glovo, an on-demand courier service mobile app, who shared how he leverages both ASO and SEO to generate traffic and users.

For the full transcript and key takeaways, click here.

#6: Balancing Performance and Brand Marketing with Adam Hadi

In this episode of Mobile Growth & Pancakes, Esther Shatz is joined by Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current to discuss balancing performance with brand marketing, how to measure the success of brand marketing, and how Current run influencer marketing campaigns.

For the full transcript and key takeaways, click here.

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